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The videos presented here are configured lower resolution to facilitate Internet playing. You may have to allow time for the video to load enough to stream. Smooth play depends on both your Internet connection and the number of people currently connected to the church server. If you wish for a high definition version, please provide a thumb drive to Wayne Bascom and it will be downloaded for free. Dates marked "sensitive" may be personally requested as they are not for public viewing. Also, the original recordings of older sermons may also contain other portions of the Sunday worship.
2017 Sunday Sermons (See Also 2018 and 2019 Sunday Sermons)
Color Codes Available Pending No Recording Sensitive  
Dec 2017 Dec 03 2017 Dec 10 2017 Dec 17 2017 Dec 24 2017 Dec 31 2017
Nov 2017 Nov 05 2017 Nov 12 2017 Nov 19 2017 Nov 26 2017